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Art Walk with Jim Tetlow

A walk with Jim Tetlow.

‘As a creative in art and music I’m interested in how things change when their surrounding context changes, and that may have been the reason I got into local history, for what fascinates me most is how a point in space can change over time, sometimes subtly, sometimes beyond recognition.’

A freelance graphic designer and art-worker with two decades of experience based in the heart of England, Jim is especially passionate about that wonderful hybrid zone where graphics, photography and fine art meet and collide into new hybrid art forms.

This event begins at The Western Pub at 6pm and Jim will then lead the group on a walk for approximately an hour before finishing the evening at The West End Brewery on Braunstone Gate for a pint or soft drink and a chat.

You can find out more and get in touch with Jim here:


Facebook: @jimtetlowartandmusic

Twitter: @synoneiro

Instagram: @jimtetlow

This event is part of LEFREE – our community project to get to know our locals funded by the Everard’s Community Excellence Fund.


Sep 06 2021





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