Dry Season – Postponed


Sorry to say that due to performer illness this show is postponed until Autumn. We hope Kat is feeling better soon!

Menopause? Seriously? WTF? 

Kat thought they were far too young to worry about menopause; biology thought differently. Now their hormones are going haywire, their diary is full of NHS visits and sleep is a distant memory. Join Kat on a journey featuring anxiety, insomnia, and self-conscious jogging as they explore their changing identity, question societal expectations of age and gender, and do their best to navigate the first chaotic year. 

Interweaving music, movement and medical texts with original poetry and animation, Dry Season is a witty, honest and intimate spoken word theatre show about questioning assumptions and learning to rewrite your story. 

Written and performed by Kat Lyons.

 “Perfect mix of raw honesty, humour and beauty” 

Loved it – brilliant, engaging and vitally important” 

Fabulous, funny, moving, brave” 

This kind of work is desperately needed”  

Audience feedback, Camden Peoples Theatre

Their unapologetic words deliver eloquent punches, their poetry challenging audiences to look them straight in the eyes & meet them for who they are. Kat’s performance is compelling & magnetic.”  – Anita Kelly, Theatre reviewer, Western Super Mum

Tickets are £10 in advance or on the door.

Advisory: Reference to sex, periods and menopause. 14+


Apr 22 2022





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