Flights of Fancy: DMU Creative Sharings (January)

Clawing back Power: Glamour, Stardom, and Retribution on Stage and Screen


“Clawing back Power” showcases Dr Voss and Dr Swoffer’s research into women’s experiences of, and engagement with, Hollywood stardom. Featuring an evocative live performance ‘Nemesis: a post #metoo reckoning’, and screening of The Women (1939), this event offers an exciting opportunity for audiences to explore an exhibition of 1930s film star scrapbooks.

‘Nemesis: a post #metoo reckoning’ reconfigures the figure of Nemesis; the goddess of retribution, as a feminist figure waiting in purgatory to punish her deserving male victims. Exuding a glamour that is both unsettling and destructive, she sharpens her red painted talons and remembers all of their wrong doings. Nemesis embodies the unfinished business of Hollywood starlets and ageing divas that have been cast aside by a patriarchy that denigrates them and creates a feminist underworld where these feminine figures can thrive and get their much-needed revenge.


Jan 24 2024


18:00 - 21:00


£5 or £PWYC

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