Going Deutsch

A comedic show about relationships, inherited trauma and how much the past shapes the future. 

Should you ever go back to someone, or something, that almost destroyed you?  

What if they’re sorry? What if they say they’ve changed?  

What if they’re offering an EU passport? 

When Anna suggested calling up her ex, her friends were appalled,  and to her surprise, her family felt very much the same way when she jumped into bed with Germany.

In ‘Going Deutsch’  Anna dates the country offering her citizenship despite taking the lives (and passports) of so many who came before her. Should she get back with Germany? Can they get past their history? Could they ever make it work? 

Tickets are £10 in advance or on the door.

Advisory: 14+ references to genocide, racism, anti semitism and acts of violence


Nov 11 2022





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