A group of women are assembled against a white wall. Two women are front and centre making strong arm movements that look like one is shaking a fist and the other is shaking two fists. They look midly annoyed. The rest of the women stand against the wall watching the action unfold. There are some audience members seated in the foreground and we see the back of their heads watching the two women shaking their fists.

Improv Upstairs

Join us for a range of improv comedy performances followed by the chance to get up on stage and try it yourself in the Improv Upstairs Jam. Hosted by local improv legend Ki Shah with a different roster of guest performers each month.

Improv Upstairs is a monthly showcase featuring guest sets from established improv troupes as well as a changing roster of local players. The Improv Upstairs Jam at the end of the night will pick people to take part at random – including audience members should you choose to put yourself forward!

More about improv:

Improv performances are unscripted and made up on the spot by performers or “players”, usually working as a group or troupe who practise and perform together regularly.  Some improv troupes use games or structures, others are completely free-form. Most improv performances take suggestions from the audience for inspiration.

Improv performances can be serious and theatrical but improv comedy is more common, not least because of the hilarity and joy that can be created “in the moment” between the audience and players.  It’s hard to describe and hard to match – come and see it for yourself!

Tickets are £5 in advance or £7 on the door.


Dec 15 2021




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