Leicester Comedy Festival 2024

We have 23 great shows for you as part of LCF 2024. Two shows each night at 7.30pm and 9.00pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays:-

7 February: Glorious (Laura Patch) and O (Marjolein Robertson)

8 February: The Magic Mic (Thomas Dixon) and Planets !!! (Cameron Sinclair Harris)

9 February: Rhymes Against Humanity (Rhymes Improv) and Canny Funny (Jen Kenny)

10 February: Gas Lighting Is My Love Language (Field Elbow) and Comrade Cowboy (Candace Bryan)

14 February: What’s Your Favourite Song ? (Eppie Brilliant) and The Burlesque Imposter (Alexandra Shaw)

15 February: The Secrets of Magic (Thomas Dixon) and Hangdog (Jacob Lovick)

16 February: How Are You ? With Gracie Canoux (Katie Davison) and Character Comedy Hour (Goldsmith & East)

17 February: The Fridge Show (Jo Kelen) and Scott Murphy: About A Buoy (Tom Whiston)

21 February: Graduation Night (Jason Neale)

22 February: Owt Bar An Office (Emily Webster) and Silkworm (Sarah Roberts)

23 February: Clementine (Rosalie Minnitt) and Silkworm (Sarah Roberts)

24 February: Clementine (Rosalie Minnitt) and Home (Kevin Hudson)


Feb 07 - 25 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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