Leicester Comedy Festival 2024

We have 23 great shows for you as part of LCF 2024, with two shows each night at 7.30pm and 9.00pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays. Tickets available from the festival box office, through our web site or buy a Gold Ticket (here) for unlimited access to our shows:-

7 February: Glorious (Laura Patch) and O (Marjolein Robertson)

8 February: The Magic Mic (Thomas Dixon) and Planets !!! (Cameron Sinclair Harris)

9 February: Rhymes Against Humanity (Rhymes Improv) and Canny Funny (Canny Funny Improv)

10 February: Gas Lighting Is My Love Language (Fielding Edlow) and Comrade Cowboy (Candace Bryan)

14 February: What’s Your Favourite Song ? (Eppie Brilliant) and The Burlesque Imposter (Fanny Dent)

15 February: The Secrets of Magic (Thomas Dixon) and Hangdog (Jack Toop & Jacob Lovick)

16 February: How Are You ? With Gracie Canoux (Katie Davison) and Character Comedy Hour (Goldsmith & East)

17 February: The Fridge Show (Jo Kelen) and Scott Murphy: About A Buoy (Tom Whiston)

21 February: Graduation Night (Jason Neale)

22 February: Owt Bar An Office (Emily Webster) and Silkworm (Sarah Roberts)

23 February: Clementine (Rosalie Minnitt) and Silkworm (Sarah Roberts)

24 February: Clementine (Rosalie Minnitt) and Home (Kevin Hudson)


Feb 07 - 25 2024


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Gold Ticket

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