Category: Peach are raunchy, edgy, a little naughty, but sweet – like a peach. They aim to SLAY injustices with their art. 

After bringing their tragi-comedy lesbian love story to the theatre, the peaches are BACK to spark discussion in this workshop and sharing for their new work, Pol-Spiracy. 

Taking the form of a satritial mock-u-series, Pol-Spiracy is part autobiographical and part fantastical. It is a quirky, messy deconstruction of the Polish Catholic Church and a male-dominated government, stealing the agency over women and queer people’s bodies.

Grab a tea… or something stronger… and join these ARTIVISTS for this sharing, and help develop an urgent, roaring new play.   

As supported by Barrel Organ’s LIVE programme, and Curve Theatre’s New Work Festival.

Feedback from audiences:

“Brilliant – a great balance between comedy, drama & political speech”

“A beautiful combination of absurd comedy and real footage made the reality of the situation land”

“The gradual growth of reality over the surreal character work pulled you into the severity of the situation”

Tickets are £5 in advance or on the door.

Advisory: Some strong language. Audience interaction. Themes of Polish Politics and religion. 15+ (12+ with parental discretion & supervision)


Apr 20 2022





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