The Fridge Show

Leicester Comedy Festival

Come and hear from SMEG, the most poetic fridge on the fringe! 45 minutes of character comedy, silly poems and the best props you’ll ever see in your life! What’s in the fridge? Everyone wants to know. The steaks could not be higher…. Special guests include a dairy cow, a tomato and some dust.

Audience Review Edinburgh Fringe 2022 (Alisa): “This was honestly the best thing I saw at Fringe. It was unwholesomely weird and I laughed so much that I sweated right through my nice top. Thank you Smeg. Smeg Smeg Smeg”

Audience Review Edinburgh Fringe 2022 (Freddie): “Genius!”


Feb 17 2024


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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