Unglamorous All-Women Bands

Ruth Miller started Unglamorous Music to teach non-musician women to play in bands, creating songs and performing gigs.  She formed The Verinos and started some workshops and soon there were five all-women bands in Leicester.
This is the second year of workshops and on International Women’s Day 12 bands played at Firebug. Media interest has been huge from around the world. Tonight, two of the brand new bands and two more established Unglamorous bands will play some of their original songs and Ruth will talk with them about how they wrote their first songs, and their experience of forming their bands.
You’ll see and hear the energy, wit and camaraderie that makes this Leicester Unglamorous music scene so fascinating and different. If you’re a woman who’s always fancied being in a band, this show might just be an inspiration – Come and talk with us!


Apr 14 2023


19:30 - 21:30



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