Why I Hate The Moon – WIP

Coming from a generation of absurdist humour, Tom wants to find meaning in the meaningless.

A generation that was promised everything. Instead, millennials experience less wealth and more poverty and unemployment. With the allure of dark and absurdist humour on the rise, Tom thinks it’s important to talk about finding meaning in the meaningless.

Why I Hate the Moon is an absurdist take on life, love and the moon. Frustrated about the moon’s wrongdoings, Tom voices his hostility towards the great celestial body. Using storytelling, movement & song, he discusses his ludicrous and rocky relationship with the moon & the reasons he hates it. Tom goes on a mighty adventure. Or not. Or whatever. We’re all going to die anyway, right? 

Tickets are £7 (5) in advance or on the door.

This is a work in progress performance.

Advisory: 14+ Abstract discussion of death. Possible swearing. 


Sep 14 2022





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